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“Have your wedding, birthday, fundraiser, company event, family reunion, celebration, or spiritual ceremony at Leila Arboretum or the Kaleidoscope Garden! ”

These special places offer settings for special events unmatched by traditional indoor venues. The beautiful environments, with their array of flowering collections, distinctive grasses, magnificent trees and meandering pathways, provide the perfect backdrop for events of many kinds and photo opportunities in abundance.
In early spring, the arboretum bursts into fragrant bloom with thousands of bulbs and flowering trees. In summer it is a colorful canvas of day lilies, coneflower's, daisies and other hardy delights.
By autumn, the trees take center stage adorned in reds, yellows and hues of orange against the richness of evergreens. When winter settles in, varieties of grasses show off their amazing colors and textures against white snow.

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“ Parking in the arboretum near these locations is limited. Parking is not allowed on the lawn because the resulting soil compaction inhibits plant and tree growth. Ample paved parking exists near the Kingman Museum and at the Kaleidoscope Garden (158 spaces). Car-pooling from paved lots is encouraged. Arranging for shuttle service may be appropriate. ”

Location Brochures

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Leila Arboretum Society has a list of authorized vendors you may contact to rent tents, chairs, podiums, runners, archways, electrical cords, microphones and other needs.

Contact our preferred vendor:

All You Need Grand Rental
To discuss seating and event set-up.