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Circa - This large and impressive Corten steel piece evokes the earth, the wind and the circle that is life. It was created by Michigan artist Michael Calligan for Battle Creek's Sesquicentennial celebration in 1981 and once stood in downtown. It was moved to Leila Arboretum in 1996. At its rededication in the Arboretum, a time capsule was buried beneath it containing Battle Creek and Arboretum memorabilia.

Covenant   Plaque

Covenant - This split stone monolith sits tucked into the Arborvitae boughs in the basin of Shepherd's Meadow (very near the end of the most famous snow-sledding run in Battle Creek!). It possesses a contemplative quality and presence far beyond its rather minimal appearing form. A stone sphere that once hung in its window opening sadly disappeared many years ago. It was created by renowned Michigan artist Hugh Timlin, a sculptor, teacher, farmer and poet who died Mar 27, 2009. It was a gift from George C. McKay and Michigan Council for the Arts.


The Great American Horse - This highly stylized, 'weather vane inspired' bronze horse is seen galloping toward downtown along W. Michigan Ave. The ¾ ton sculpture is one of a series of three cast by Roy Shifrin, a renowned New York sculptor and artist. It was a gift to the city in 1986 and once defined 'Horse Park.' It was put out to greener pastures at the Arboretum as part of downtown Battle Creek revitalization. It was extensively refurbished and was rededicated in its new location in Fall 2011.