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Our Mission

Leila Arboretum Society (LAS) was formed in 1982 to foster the revitalization and development of the arboretum after nearly 50 years of neglect. Today the arboretum, with more than 2,000 species of trees and shrubs, is once again the Jewel of Battle Creek. In an increasingly hectic world, it's a place of beauty, tranquility and communion with nature where people of all ages learn about the vital role plants play in our lives. The society provides responsible stewardship of 85 acres with several beautiful gardens including a unique Kaleidoscope Garden. The Kaleidoscope Garden is an educational, interactive, hands-on, fun-filled attraction for both the young and the young at heart.


As a member of the Please join in the effort of preserving this horticultural jewel of Battle Creek for future generations. When you become a part of our membership organization, you not only provide crucial support but also enjoy special benefits and privileges, including free admission to participating American Horticultural Society gardens and arboreta across the U.S. Together, we are planting a brighter future!

Endowment Fund

Only the interest earned is spent. The amount donated is invested forever. A special tax credit on the Michigan Tax-form is given for contributions to endowment funds at community foundations. Please make checks payable to:
Battle Creek Community Foundation
34 West Jackson Street
Battle Creek, MI 49017-3505

Donate Online

When you donate online we will receive an email indicating your desire to donate. You are not required to enter any credit card information etc. We will contact you to verify all the information. At that time you can let us know how you would like to make the payment.

Donate Online